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Resealable Mylar Bags

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Preserve your food longer with Mylar food-grade storage bags. Featuring premium oxygen absorbers and a thick, puncture-resistant design for optimal freshness.

  1. Food-Grade Materials: Safe and eco-friendly, ensuring no taste transfer to your stored food.
  2. Enhanced Thickness: 10 mils thickness with an internal aluminum layer for superior durability and protection against light and air.
  3. Premium Oxygen Absorbers: Includes 150 oxygen absorbers to significantly extend the shelf life of your food.
  4. Resealable Zipper Design: Convenient for regular use, with the option to heat-seal for long-term storage.
  5. Stand-Up Pouch: Simplifies pantry organization and storage space efficiency.
  6. Multi-Purpose Use: Ideal for dehydrating and storing a wide range of foods, from grains and beans to coffee and tea.
  7. Puncture Resistance: Extra layer of aluminum foil adds puncture resistance, safeguarding against physical damage.
  8. Light and Air Permeation Prevention: Keeps food fresh by blocking out harmful light and air.
  9. Vacuum-Sealed Oxygen Absorbers: Reduces exposure and waste, ensuring absorbers are effective when used.
  10. Eco-Friendly Choice: Durable materials reduce the need for frequent replacements, supporting sustainable practices.