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Back to Basics

Embrace a self-sufficient lifestyle with ‘Back to Basics’. Learn to dye wool, raise chickens, make cheese, and build cabins. A guide for those seeking a simpler, greener life with practical DIY projects.

  1. Modern Application of Traditional Skills: Teaches how to use time-honored skills in today’s world.
  2. Diverse Topics: From dyeing wool with plant pigments to building log cabins.
  3. Simpler Lifestyle Inspiration: Encourages a greener, more self-sufficient way of living.
  4. Richly Illustrated Update: Features hundreds of projects with step-by-step guides, photos, and illustrations.
  5. DIY Project Guidance: Offers practical advice for a variety of projects, including homemade jam and weaving rag rugs.
  6. Comprehensive Skill Set: Learn to raise chickens, make cheddar cheese, and more.
  7. Hands-On Learning: Detailed instructions for crafting items using hand tools.
  8. Urban Adaptability: Even city dwellers can find projects to spark their imagination.
  9. Cultural Enrichment: Includes tips for traditional fun like square dancing and homemade toys.
  10. Voluntary Simplicity: A thorough resource for those seeking to reduce complexity in their lives.