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Battery Jump Starter

Discover the NEXPOW Car Jump Starter, featuring a 2500A peak current, safety certifications, and versatile compatibility with various vehicles. Ideal for emergency situations and regular use.

Robust Jump-Starting Power:

  • Offers a peak current of 2500A, robust enough for 12-volt vehicles.
  • Capable of starting vehicles with up to 8.0L gas or 8L diesel engines.
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, watercraft, and more.

Advanced Safety Features:

  • Adheres to the UL2743 standard for safety and reliability.
  • Intelligent clamp design provides protection against extreme temperatures, reverse connections, and electrical issues.

Efficient Charging and Maintenance:

  • Fully charges in approximately 6 hours.
  • Maintains charge for over three months when not in use, ensuring readiness.

Multipurpose LED Lighting:

  • Equipped with a bright LED light offering four modes: Spotlight, Strobe, SOS, and Red-Blue Warning.
  • Ideal for emergencies or as a hazard warning signal.

Convenient Emergency Charging:

  • Features dual USB ports for charging a variety of devices.
  • Includes a quick charge port for faster device charging.

Optimized for Cold Weather:

  • Enhanced performance in cold conditions, significantly more powerful than earlier models.

Comprehensive Package:

  • Includes the NEXPOW Q9B car battery starter, smart-jumper cables, and necessary accessories.
  • Comes with a user manual and a carrying case for easy transport and storage.