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Bushcraft 101

Embark on your backcountry adventure with ‘Bushcraft 101’ by Dave Canterbury. Learn essential survival skills based on the 5Cs of Survivability for a deeper connection with nature.

  1. Expert Survival Guidance: Authored by renowned survivalist Dave Canterbury.
  2. 5Cs of Survivability: Focuses on cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages.
  3. Practical Outdoor Skills: Teaches how to craft resources and thrive in the wilderness.
  4. Kit Preparation Advice: Tips on choosing the right items for survival kits.
  5. Tool Manufacturing: Guides on creating necessary tools from natural surroundings.
  6. Food Collection and Cooking: Learn to source and prepare food in the wild.
  7. Elemental Protection: Strategies for staying safe in various climates and conditions.
  8. Nature Reconnection: Encourages a profound engagement with the outdoor environment.
  9. Versatile Skill Set: Suitable for various outdoor scenarios and adventures.
  10. Inspirational Approach: Motivates readers to explore and appreciate the wilderness.