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Canned Corn

Stock up on Del Monte’s Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn for your emergency pantry. Packed with freshness and simple ingredients, it’s ideal for survival meals.

  1. Peak Freshness: Corn is picked and packed at its freshest, ensuring high-quality taste and nutrition, crucial for emergency food supplies.
  2. Rich, Sweet Flavor: Offers a delicious, sweet taste, adding variety and enjoyment to survival meals.
  3. Simple Ingredients: Contains only corn, water, and sea salt, ensuring clean and wholesome eating during emergencies.
  4. Versatile Use: Perfect as a side dish or added to soups, stews, and casseroles, enhancing the nutritional value of emergency meals.
  5. Easy to Season: Can be seasoned for extra flavor, providing flexibility in creating tasty meals in survival situations.
  6. Long Shelf Life: Ideal for long-term storage in emergency food supplies, ensuring readiness for any situation.
  7. No Refrigeration Needed: Shelf-stable, making it a practical choice for situations without power.
  8. Nutrient-Rich: A good source of essential vitamins and minerals, supporting health in stressful times.
  9. Convenient and Ready-to-Eat: Requires no preparation, crucial for quick and easy meal solutions in emergencies.
  10. Essential Survival Food: A must-have in any emergency pantry for its nutritional value and ease of use.