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Chest Seal

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Trust Everlit Non-Vented Chest Seal for critical respiratory treatment. With superior adhesive technology and a 5-year shelf life, it’s essential for emergency medical care.

  1. Effective Respiratory Treatment: Seals open chest wounds to prevent lung collapse from penetrating injuries.
  2. Advanced Adhesive Dressing: Ensures a strong seal even in challenging conditions, including on sweaty or hairy skin.
  3. 5-Year Shelf Life: Individually sealed and sterilized for longevity, ensuring readiness when needed.
  4. Large Coverage Area: Each dressing covers a 6-inch diameter round area, providing ample wound coverage.
  5. Veteran-Owned Quality Assurance: Everlit’s commitment to excellence is backed by a 1-year satisfaction warranty and exceptional customer support.
  6. Ideal for Emergency Situations: Designed for use in critical medical scenarios, including battlefield and trauma care.
  7. User-Friendly Application: Easy to apply, even in high-stress environments.
  8. Compact and Portable: Suitable for inclusion in emergency kits, medical bags, and first aid stations.
  9. Reliable Performance: Trusted by professionals for its effectiveness in emergency medical care.