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The Art of Preparedness: Prepping for the Unexpected with Costco Finds (Feb 2024)

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In the world of preparedness, versatility is king. Whether you’re a seasoned prepper, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone simply looking to be more self-reliant, the ability to adapt and use everyday items in multiple scenarios can make all the difference. Costco, a household name for bulk purchases, surprisingly offers a treasure trove of items that serve well beyond their intended use. From the comfort of a well-stocked homestead to the unpredictability of outdoor adventures, and even the grim prospects of survival in emergency situations, the items you can find at Costco might just be the multifunctional tools you never knew you needed.

Costco Prepper Finds

In this blog post, we delve into an array of items available at Costco and explore their myriad applications across various scenarios including prepping, off-grid living, emergencies, camping, homesteading, and even during apocalyptic conditions or times of social unrest. Let’s unlock the potential of these everyday purchases, transforming them into the backbone of your preparedness strategy.

Illuminate Your World: Innovative Lighting

Explore how solar pathway lights, solar string lights, and tri-power lanterns can light up your life, whether you’re navigating the quiet of a blackout or the beauty of a night under the stars. These lighting solutions offer sustainable and versatile options to brighten any environment, proving indispensable in both everyday and emergency situations.

Solar String Light (36ft)

  • Create a perimeter or area lighting in campsites, homesteads, or during gatherings.
  • Offer a sustainable lighting solution that can be easily relocated as needed.
  • Enhance visibility and safety around communal areas or pathways.
  • Serve as a silent signal or marker for specific locations in low-light conditions.
Solar String Light

Solar Security Light

  • Illuminate entry points, paths, or areas around shelters without relying on grid power.
  • Deter wildlife or unauthorized entry around campsites or homesteads.
  • Enhance safety and visibility in areas without traditional lighting options.
  • Use as a non-verbal signal for help or to mark locations safely in emergencies.
Solar Security Light

Solar Pathway Lights (4 Pack)

  • Mark trails, campsite boundaries, or safe paths around homesteads without grid power.
  • Provide low-level lighting for security without drawing attention in tense situations.
  • Decorative or morale-boosting ambiance in homesteads or community gatherings.
  • Illuminate essential areas like latrines or tool sheds in off-grid settings.
Solar Pathway Light

Tri-Power Lantern (solar, battery, or rechargeable battery)

  • Versatile lighting for camping, emergencies, and home use.
  • Low-maintenance with multiple power options.
  • Essential for navigation and safety in power outages.
  • Signal device for rescues or alerting others.

Secure and Store: Mastering Organization in Uncertain Times

27-gallon storage totes, store-all crates (ammo boxes), and heavy-duty tarps, showcasing how effective organization and secure storage become your allies in preparing for the unexpected. From safeguarding your supplies against the elements to growing food, discover the art of readiness and resilience.


  • Produce food sustainably, extending growing seasons in off-grid or homestead settings.
  • Cultivate medicinal and culinary herbs, essential for long-term self-sufficiency.
  • Serve as a controlled environment for seed starting and plant propagation.
  • Enhance community resilience by providing a reliable source of fresh produce.
Greenhouse Outside
Greenhouse Inside

27 Gallon Storage Tote with Lid

  • Store non-perishable foods, water supplies, first-aid kits, and emergency supplies.
  • Organize tools, gardening supplies, or camping gear.
  • Secure and hide valuable items or supplies in various scenarios.
  • Protect items from the elements, pests, or during transport.
27 Gallon Tote

Store-All Crate 4 Pack (Ammo Boxes with a Base)

  • Organize and transport ammunition safely in any scenario.
  • Store critical supplies like batteries, small tools, or first-aid items securely.
  • Use for organizing and carrying small pieces of gear for camping, fishing, or hunting trips.
  • Convert into a portable and sturdy station for small repairs or as an emergency supply kit.
Store All Crate Ammo

Ratchet Straps (4 Pack)

  • Secure cargo, supplies, or equipment during transport or in windy conditions.
  • Reinforce shelters, tarps, or temporary structures against elements.
  • Improvised uses such as making a hammock, stretcher, or to bundle wood for transport.
  • Secure equipment or supplies from being displaced in scenarios of social unrest or movement.
Ratchet Straps

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Heavy Duty Tarps (2 Pack)

  • Construct shelters, cover supplies, or create privacy screens.
  • Collect and store rainwater or use as a base for solar stills for water purification.
  • Create shades/cooling areas in hot environments.
  • Protect ground crops from frost or use as a makeshift greenhouse cover.

Empower Your Preparedness: Essential Power Solutions for Self-Reliance

Uncover the power of self-reliance with trifuel and dual-fuel generators, alongside innovative solutions like the lithium jump starter. This section highlights how maintaining access to power can transform your preparedness, ensuring you stay connected, safe, and operational no matter what the world throws your way.


  • Power for flashlights, radios, and essential devices in any scenario.
  • Backup energy source for emergency and medical equipment.
  • Bartering items in scenarios where electricity is scarce.
  • Essential for maintaining communication and safety devices.

Trifuel 7500 Running Watt Generator

  • Flexible fuel options for prolonged use during outages or off-grid living.
  • Power critical appliances, tools, and heating/cooling devices.
  • Emergency power source for community centers or medical facilities.
  • Essential for maintaining operations in homesteads or survival shelters.
Large Generator

Dual Fuel 3200 running Watt Generator

  • Compact and portable for camping, RVs, and emergency backup.
  • Dual fuel versatility for convenience and efficiency.
  • Support essential devices and small appliances during outages.
  • Provide power for outdoor events or temporary setups.
Small Generator

Lithium Jump Starter

  • Quick vehicle or generator starts in cold or emergency scenarios.
  • Portable power source for charging devices or small electronics.
  • Emergency lighting with built-in LED light.
  • Essential for travel, camping, and emergency kits.
Jump Starter

Heavy Duty Cord Reel Extension Cord

  • Power essential appliances or tools in makeshift campsites, workshops, or emergency shelters.
  • Organize and manage power distribution efficiently in temporary setups.
  • Ensure safe and accessible power in wet or damp conditions with heavy-duty protection.
  • Facilitate emergency repairs or operations during power outages or in remote locations.
Cord reel

Extreme Temperature Extension Cord (50ft 15amp)

  • Maintain power connectivity in extreme weather, ensuring critical heating or cooling devices remain operational.
  • Essential for outdoor use in winter or desert conditions to connect generators or heaters.
  • Support emergency and relief operations by providing power where needed most.
  • Power outdoor lighting or security systems in challenging weather conditions.
Extension Cord

Versatile Essentials: Multi-Use Must-Haves for Any Situation

Learn how these versatile essentials are indispensable tools in your preparedness arsenal. Each item is a testament to the power of adaptability in both daily life and extraordinary circumstances.

Fire Extinguisher

  • Essential safety equipment for immediate response to fires in any setting, including kitchens, workshops, and campsites.
  • Can serve a defensive role in extreme scenarios of social unrest.
  • Critical for maintaining safety near generators, stoves, or any fire-prone equipment.
Fire Extinguisher

Leather Work Gloves (3 Pack)

  • Protect hands during heavy labor, handling rough materials, or in cold conditions.
  • Essential for safely handling hot equipment or cookware near grills or firepits.
  • Barter item in scenarios where protective gear is scarce.
  • Use in makeshift repairs or when navigating through debris.
Leather Work Gloves

Gallon Ziplock Bags

  • Waterproof storage for food, electronics, and important documents.
  • Organize small items for easy access in bug-out bags or camping gear.
  • Protect items from moisture, dirt, and pests.
  • Portion food or supplies for rationing or distribution.
Gallon Ziplock Bags

Outdoor Trash Bags

  • Waste management to maintain hygiene and prevent disease.
  • Emergency rain poncho or shelter covering.
  • Water collection or storage in survival situations.
  • Transport and storage of large items or supplies.
Outdoor Trash Bags

Standard Aluminum Foil

  • Create grills or wrap food for fire cooking.
  • Signal for help with its shiny surface.
  • Wrap food or containers to keep them warm.
  • Form a makeshift bowl for boiling water.
Standard Aluminum Foil

The Great Escape: Essential Gear for Camping and Crisis

Gear up with personal water filters and a comprehensive camp kitchen kit, which are not just for the outdoor adventurer but also for the savvy prepper.

Personal Water Filters (4 Pack)

  • Ensure access to safe drinking water from natural sources in any scenario.
  • Critical for individual survival kits, reducing reliance on stored water supplies.
  • Portable solution for clean water during relocation or movement in uncertain conditions.
  • Support hygiene and cooking needs when traditional water sources are compromised.
Life Straw

Camp Kitchen Kit (24 pc)

  • Comprehensive toolset for cooking and meal preparation in any setting.
  • Portable for camping, picnics, or emergency evacuations.
  • Organization and efficiency in meal prep during prolonged crises.
  • Essential for maintaining nutrition and morale in challenging conditions.
Camp Kitchen Set

Hand Warmers (40ct)

  • Immediate warmth in cold weather conditions or during power outages.
  • Prevent frostbite during extreme outdoor activities or emergencies.
  • Comfort item for outdoor events, camping, or survival situations.
  • Can be used to warm sleeping bags or emergency shelters.

Sustain and Savor: Solutions for Food Preservation and Cooking

From the convenience and efficiency of the Blackstone griddles to the innovative food saver vacuum sealer and its accessories, discover how these culinary tools go beyond the kitchen. They become vital resources for preserving your harvest, ensuring your food lasts longer, and providing reliable cooking solutions that bring comfort and a taste of home, no matter where you are.

Blackstone 22″ Griddle (Propane)

  • Versatile cooking surface for meals in a variety of settings, from camping to emergency shelters.
  • Efficiently cook large quantities of food, beneficial for group settings or community feeding.
  • Serve as a central cooking unit in temporary or mobile setups.
  • Use for boiling water or sterilizing equipment in a pinch.
Blackstone 22

Blackstone 36″ Griddle (Propane)

  • Ideal for large-scale cooking operations, supporting community kitchens or emergency feeding programs.
  • Durable and versatile for a wide range of culinary needs in extended off-grid or homesteading scenarios.
  • Provide a reliable cooking platform for events, gatherings, or as part of a communal resource.
  • Facilitate food preparation in resource-scarce environments with minimal setup.
Blackstone 36

Solo Stove Firepit

  • Efficient combustion for warmth and cooking with minimal smoke, ideal for stealth camping or in sensitive environments.
  • Portable and durable for gatherings, providing a central heat source or cooking option.
  • Serve as an emergency signal or beacon with controlled visibility.
  • Enhance communal spaces with a safe, contained fire option for morale and comfort.

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer & Variety Pack of Vacuum Seal Bags

  • Preserve food longer for stockpiling and emergency reserves.
  • Waterproof storage for important documents, matches, or electronics.
  • Portion control for rationing during shortages or emergencies.
  • Seal first-aid supplies or medications for waterproof, sterile storage.
Food Saver
Vacuum Seal Bags

The journey through the aisles of Costco with an eye for preparedness has revealed the hidden versatility and potential of many common items. By reimagining the use of storage totes, solar lights, generators, and kitchen essentials, we’ve uncovered a wealth of possibilities that extend far beyond their original purpose.

These items not only provide practical solutions for a wide range of scenarios but also embody the essence of preparedness: innovation, resilience, and the readiness to face the unexpected. Whether you find yourself tightening the straps of a heavy-duty tarp in the face of an approaching storm, illuminating your path with a solar lantern, or sealing the last of your harvest with a vacuum sealer, remember that the foundation of preparedness lies in the ability to adapt and thrive.

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