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Crayon Candle: A Surprisingly Effective Survival Hack

When it comes to survival hacks, this one is both practical and intriguing. Ever thought of a crayon as a life-saving tool? Well, it’s time to think again!

Crayon Candle

Why Use a Crayon as a Candle?

In a survival situation, you may not always have access to your standard gear. Sometimes, you’ll have to get creative with what you’ve got at hand. That’s where this crayon candle hack comes into play. With just a single crayon, you can get about 15 to 30 minutes of light. A whole box? That’s hours of light for you!

How Does it Work?

Crayons are made of paraffin wax and have a paper wrapper that acts as a wick. When lit, the crayon burns slowly, providing light just like a candle.

How to Make a Crayon Candle

  1. Stand the crayon upright: Choose a non-flammable surface like a stone or metal lid.
  2. Light the top: Use a lighter or match to ignite the paper wrapper at the top.
  3. Let it burn: Give it a moment. The crayon should catch and begin to melt down like a candle.

And there you have it! An efficient and unexpected source of light in an emergency situation. Keep this survival hack in mind – it might just be the light you need when things get dark.