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Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants (East)

Discover the rich foraging landscape of Eastern North America with this comprehensive guide. Explore 700 edible species with detailed descriptions, photos, and safe foraging tips.

  1. Rich Foraging Landscape: Covers the abundant variety of edible plants in Eastern North America.
  2. Comprehensive Guide: Detailed descriptions of 700 edible species, including range maps and color photos.
  3. Toxic Plant Awareness: Identifies and describes troublesome toxic plants for safe foraging.
  4. Innovative Identification System: Uses everyday language, suitable for both beginners and advanced foragers.
  5. App Integration: Designed to work with phone-based identification apps for reliable plant identification.
  6. Detailed Plant Profiles: Information on habitat, conservation, edible parts, and harvest seasons.
  7. Preparation Methods: Guides on how to prepare and consume foraged items.
  8. Accessible Language: Written in a way that’s easy to understand for all levels of foragers.
  9. Seasonal Foraging Tips: Advice on the best times to forage different plants.
  10. Standard-Setting Resource: Poised to become the new benchmark in foraging field guides.