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Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine

Be prepared for any medical emergency in the wild with the 5th Edition of Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine. A comprehensive, portable guide for all healthcare professionals.

  1. Authoritative Content: Based on Dr. Auerbach’s renowned Wilderness Medicine text.
  2. Versatile Use: Ideal for experienced physicians and advanced practice providers.
  3. Condensed Format: Highly condensed for quick access in print or on mobile devices.
  4. Easy-Access Presentation: Rapid retrieval and comprehension of wilderness medical information.
  5. Up-to-Date Chapters: Includes new information on travel medicine, medications, immunizations, and more.
  6. Practical Explanations: Step-by-step guidance on handling wilderness emergencies.
  7. Comprehensive Coverage: Dive medicine, mountain medicine, disaster medicine, high-altitude medicine, and more.
  8. Visual Aids: Line drawings and color plates for accurate identification of various hazards.
  9. Useful Appendices: Additional resources on environment-specific situations and essential supplies.
  10. Improvisation Techniques: Shows how to improvise with available materials in emergencies.