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Glass Droppers

Equip your prepping kit with our 20-pack of 1mL glass eye droppers. Perfect for precise measurements and applications in emergencies, including water purification. Includes storage box.

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  1. Complete Set with Storage: 20-piece 1mL medicine droppers included in a clear, protective storage box.
  2. Excellent Suction Power: Designed for effective liquid suction and dispensing, ensuring precise measurements.
  3. Clear, Durable Scale: Made of food-grade glass with a wear-resistant scale that remains visible over time.
  4. Easy to Clean: Removable black tops for hassle-free cleaning, maintaining hygiene and usability.
  5. Precision Application: Allows for accurate dispensing of liquids in critical situations.
  6. Food-Grade Material: Safe for use with consumables and sensitive preparations.
  7. Durable Glass Construction: Ensures longevity and resistance to breakage.
  8. Prepping Essential: A must-have tool for precise liquid handling in any preparedness scenario including purification of water.