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Jerry Fuel Can

Ensure safe and efficient fuel storage with the Wavian 20 Liter Jerry Can System. Featuring a DOT, EPA, and C.A.R.B. approved spout, splash-proof design, and robust construction, it’s perfect for emergency preparedness and outdoor adventures.

  1. Complete Jerry Can System: Includes a spout and adapter, making it versatile for various vehicles and equipment.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Comes with an EPA, DOT, C.A.R.B. approved spout, ensuring adherence to safety and environmental standards.
  3. Adaptability for Different Vehicles: The included adapter fits smaller fuel fillers, enhancing its usability across different gasoline-powered vehicles.
  4. Easy and Safe Pouring: Designed with an internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring and a mechanism that facilitates easy, quick pouring.
  5. Durable Construction: Made from 0.9mm cold-rolled steel with dual pan construction and seam welding for extra strength. The three-handle configuration ensures easy handling.
  6. High-Quality Coating: Fully paint-coated inside and outside with fuel-resistant Rezol enamel lining to prevent rusting and an exterior epoxy polyester powder coat for durability.
  7. Safety Features: Features a leak-proof bayonet closure, locking pin in the cap, and a strengthened hinge to prevent accidental bending. The cap is designed to stay open during discharge.
  8. Wide Compliance and Standards: Meets various international standards including DOT, EPA, C.A.R.B., DIN 7274, BAM – GGR001, AS 2906, TUV/GS, SP, and UN-Dangerous goods approval.
  9. Ideal for Emergency and Outdoor Use: This Jerry Can is an essential tool for emergency preparedness, outdoor activities, and safe fuel transport and storage, providing reliability and compliance with safety standards.