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Long Grain White Rice

Stock up with Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice, perfect for food storage and emergency preparedness. Enjoy its versatility and long shelf life for reliable sustenance.

  1. Perfect Side Dish: Ideal as a fluffy, delicious side or as an addition to casseroles and soups, enhancing meal variety.
  2. Extended Shelf Life: Up to 30 years of storage, making it a staple item for any long-term food supply.
  3. Large Quantity: Comes in a 4-gallon watertight pail with 231 servings and 39,270 total calories, ensuring ample supply.
  4. Versatile Use: Suitable for emergencies, survival, camping, and everyday meals, meeting a range of dietary needs.
  5. Family-Owned Quality: Crafted with a focus on taste and nutrition, backed by decades of experience.
  6. Optimal Storage Conditions: Best when stored in cool, dry, and dark places, offering flexibility in storage options.
  7. Nutritional Value: Provides essential carbohydrates and energy, crucial for survival situations.
  8. Convenient Packaging: Watertight pail ensures protection against environmental factors and pests.
  9. Ready for Emergencies: An excellent choice for emergency food storage, offering peace of mind.
  10. Taste and Quality Assurance: Manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring great taste and reliability.