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Mechanic Socket Set

Discover the DEWALT Mechanic Tool Set, perfect for versatile mechanical tasks. Features a stackable case and precision socket set.

  1. Convenient Case Design: This mechanic socket set includes a locking, stackable case with a removable inner tray, offering easy organization and portability.
  2. High Standards: The set’s 3/8-inch drive sockets exceed ANSI specifications, ensuring reliable and professional-grade tools for various mechanical tasks.
  3. Enhanced Maneuverability: Features a 72-tooth count ratchet, providing a 5-degree arc swing for easy access in restricted areas, enhancing efficiency and control.
  4. Easy Identification: Sockets are clearly marked with hard-stamped markings for quick size identification, simplifying your work process.
  5. Improved Grip and Control: The knurled rings on the sockets enhance grip, offering greater control during use and reducing the risk of slippage.