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Mini Broom and Dustpan

Keep your space clean with Boershun’s Mini Broom and Dustpan Set. Lightweight and efficient, it’s perfect for home, camping, and easy storage.

  1. All-Purpose Cleaning Set: Constructed from durable plastics, this set is well-suited for various home settings like kitchens and bedrooms. Its sturdy bristles ensure quick and efficient cleaning.
  2. Efficient Cleaning Bristles: The set features three rows of dense, flexible, and durable bristles, effectively sweeping up fine dust while protecting surfaces like desktops and floors.
  3. Ergonomic and Comfortable Design: The broom’s handle boasts an ergonomic design for comfortable usage, complemented by a smooth, burr-free finish. Its angled handle reduces hand fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.
  4. Serrated Edge for Hair Removal: The dustpan’s serrated edge is designed for easy hair removal, while a high-quality soft tape at the bottom ensures close contact with the ground for effective dust collection.
  5. Convenient Storage Features: The set’s design includes four bayonets for attaching the handle to the dustpan, making it space-efficient and easy to store. Both the broom and dustpan feature hanging holes for simple organization and can be stacked or hung for convenient access.