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Multi-Purpose Large Hard Case

Secure your equipment with this rugged, weather-resistant VAULT (by Pelican) gear case. Perfect for firearms, camping, and survival, it offers crushproof protection and customizable foam interiors.

  1. Rugged Protection: High-impact polymer case with heavy-duty handles and stainless steel lock hasps, ensuring gear safety.
  2. Weather Resistant: Sealed against moisture and dust, ideal for harsh outdoor conditions.
  3. Customizable Foam Interior: Standard density foam can be cut to fit equipment precisely, providing tailored protection.
  4. Affordable Durability: Offers top-notch ruggedness at an affordable price, making it accessible for all adventurers.
  5. Versatile Storage: Suitable for firearms, cameras, tripods, electronics, and more, ensuring your gear is protected.
  6. Optimal Dimensions: Exterior 56.11 x 19.15 x 6.65 inches, Interior 53.00 x 16.00 x 6.00 inches, accommodating a range of equipment. INCLUDES FOAM
  7. Lightweight Yet Sturdy: Weighs 24.95 Lbs with foam, balancing durability and portability.
  8. Secure Locking System: Push button latches and lock hasps keep contents safe and secure.
  9. Long-Term Reliability: Built to withstand long-term use in challenging environments.
  10. Essential for Adventurers: Ideal for camping, hiking, and survival scenarios, protecting gear in all conditions.