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Mylar Thermal Blanket

Stay prepared with Primacare HB-10 Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blankets. Ideal for all weather conditions, these durable, compact, and lightweight blankets are a must-have for any emergency kit.

  1. Thermal Insulation: Reflects heat back to the body, essential for maintaining body temperature in emergencies.
  2. All-Weather Protection: Offers emergency protection in various weather conditions, including extreme cold and heat.
  3. High Heat Retention: Retains up to 90% of body heat, crucial for preventing post-accident shock.
  4. Sun Heat Deflection: Can be used as a shelter to deflect heat from the sun.
  5. Waterproof and Weatherproof: Ensures durability and reliability in harsh weather conditions.
  6. Durable Mylar Material: Made with a thick Mylar foil for long-lasting use and insulation.
  7. Compact and Lightweight: Easy to carry, making it ideal for emergency response kits and outdoor adventures.
  8. Affordable Quality: Offers top-quality emergency protection at an affordable price.
  9. Versatile Use: Suitable for both professional emergency responders and personal outdoor use.
  10. 10-Piece Package: Provides ample supply for multiple emergency situations.