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Rechargeable Flashlight (7,000 Lumens)

Discover the versatility of this miniature dual-beam LED flashlight, offering both flood and throw light options. With multiple brightness levels and RGB lights, it’s perfect for any outdoor adventure.

Miniature and High-Powered:

  • Compact size, yet powerful enough for search and rescue, hunting, and outdoor activities.
  • Offers both flood and throw dual-beam capabilities.

Versatile White and RGB Light Combo:

  • Features 9 LEDs around the center for 200-7000 lumens across seven brightness levels.
  • Includes three RGB color LEDs for diverse lighting needs.

Intuitive Double Switch Operation:

  • Middle toggle switch for quick selection between spotlight and floodlight.
  • Upper rotary knob to adjust brightness levels easily (Note: Quick rotation over 90 degrees to unlock).

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Brightness level indicators located on the left side of the light.
  • Battery level indicators on the right.
  • Color indicator at the bottom.

Durable and Ergonomic Design:

  • Body surface wrapped in 270-degree silicone for a comfortable, stable grip.
  • Features a hidden lanyard hole for easy storage and carrying.