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Powdered Eggs

Boost your meals with Nutrient Survival’s Powdered Vitamin Eggs, nutrient-dense eggs. Packed with essential nutrients and protein, they’re ideal for any meal.

  1. High Nutrient Density: Contains 33 essential nutrients, providing a comprehensive nutritional profile.
  2. Rich in Protein: Each serving offers 13 grams of protein, supporting muscle health and energy levels.
  3. Real Whole Eggs: Made with genuine whole eggs for authentic taste and quality.
  4. No Artificial Additives: Free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, ensuring a natural and healthy product.
  5. Gluten and Soy Free: Suitable for those with dietary restrictions or allergies.
  6. Made in the USA: Locally produced, ensuring quality and reliability.
  7. Versatile Cooking Options: Can be cooked like regular eggs, used in scrambles, or incorporated into recipes.
  8. Long Shelf Life: 25-year shelf life unopened, perfect for long-term emergency food storage.
  9. Large Quantity: Equivalent to 70 whole eggs, providing ample supply for various uses.
  10. Easy Preparation: Quick and simple to prepare by just adding water.