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Multi Purpose Storage Case

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Protect your valuable gear with the Pelican Air Case. Ideal for electronics and outdoor equipment, it offers crushproof, watertight, and dustproof security in a lightweight design.

  1. Premium Multi-Purpose Protection: The Pelican Air Case is a versatile solution, providing crushproof, dustproof, and watertight security for cameras, dive gear, electronics, and more. Its lockable feature and TSA approval make it ideal for safe and secure travel.
  2. Advanced Lightweight Design: This case is up to 40% lighter than traditional hard cases, offering ease of transport without compromising on protection. It’s perfect for adventurers who require both portability and durability.
  3. Optimized for Safety: Equipped with an O-Ring seal and a pressure equalization valve, the case ensures the safety of its contents by balancing interior pressure and keeping water out, essential for sensitive equipment.
  4. Generous Storage Capacity: With exterior dimensions of 32.58 x 18.40 x 11.02 inches and an interior of 29.59 x 15.50 x 9.38 inches, the case provides ample space for a variety of equipment while maintaining a manageable size and weight.
  5. American Craftsmanship: Made in the USA, the Pelican Air Case is trusted by the military, divers, and first responders for its reliable protection since 1976, reflecting its high-quality craftsmanship and dependability.