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Pry Bar Set

Explore the MAXPOWER 4-Piece Pry Bar Set, ideal for construction and renovation. Includes a 12-inch utility claw pry bar, 8-inch nail puller, and more for diverse DIY tasks.

  1. Durable Construction: Made of Drop Forged and Heat-treated Alloy Steel, the 12-inch Utility Claw Pry Bar is robust and efficient for precision nail pulling, making it a reliable choice for construction work.
  2. Versatile Nail Puller: The 8-inch End Cutting Pliers, crafted from High Carbon Steel, provide easy nail extraction in construction and floor installation, ensuring durability and rust resistance.
  3. Precision Nail Pulling: The set includes 7-inch and 10-inch Flat Pry Bars, both with double claw and end nail pullers, enabling precise and effective prying and pulling tasks.
  4. Ergonomic Design: The pry bars’ polished, beveled claws allow for comfortable and precise nail pulling and prying, ensuring efficient use in various tasks.
  5. Corrosion-Resistant Finish: All tools in the set feature a corrosion-resistant black plated finish, enhancing their durability and longevity in diverse work environments.