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Reusable 1 Gallon Plastic Water Bottle

Equip your prep kit with 1-gallon plastic jugs, perfect for water storage and making bleach solutions. Comes in a 2-pack, made from durable material, and designed for easy portability.

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  1. Optimal Size & Capacity: Each jug holds 1 gallon, ideal for water storage and bleach solutions for disinfection.
  2. Set of Two: Provides ample supply for prepping needs, allowing for rotation and multiple solution preparations.
  3. Durable Plastic Construction: Made from high-quality, reusable plastic for long-term reliability in various conditions.
  4. Leak-Proof Design: Equipped with a secure screw cap to prevent leaks and ensure safe transport.
  5. Easy to Carry: Features a convenient handle for effortless portability during outings, camping, or emergencies.
  6. Wide Opening: Facilitates easy filling and mixing of solutions without spills.
  7. Versatile Use: Suitable for gym, home, outdoor activities, and emergency preparedness.
  8. Cold Water Compatible: Designed specifically for cold water storage, including pre-made bleach solutions for sanitation.
  9. Prepping Essential: A must-have for emergency kits, enabling safe water storage and disinfectant mixing.