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Rugged GMRS Value Pack

Upgrade your communication with the Wouxun KG-935G Plus GMRS Two Way Radio Value Pack. Featuring advanced features, dual display, and IP66 protection for all your adventures & prep planning.

  1. Enhanced Power and Channels: Transmits on all GMRS channels at up to 5.5 watts, ensuring broad and powerful communication.
  2. Advanced NOAA Weather Mode: Built-in mode with alerts to keep you informed in both standby and scan modes.
  3. Customizable Channels: 999 programmable channels with CTCSS/DCS tones for interference-free communication.
  4. Dual Receive Capability: Stay connected with dual UHF and VHF band reception.
  5. Comprehensive Features: Includes Priority Channel Scan, VOX, Busy Channel Lockout, and more for versatile use.
  6. Innovative Display and Controls: Full-color dual channel display with customizable themes and a full DTMF keypad.
  7. Exceptional Durability: Rated IP66 for dust and water protection, ready for any outdoor challenge.
  8. Brighter Flashlight and Speaker: Enhanced for better visibility and clearer audio.
  9. Channel Wizard: Simplifies programming simplex or repeater channels directly from the keypad.
  10. Value Pack Inclusions: Comes with two radios, spare batteries, antennas, charging equipment, and a durable zipper case.


Saturday 13th of April 2024

Discount code invalid

Rob Benson

Saturday 13th of April 2024

Sorry about that! Hopefully we can get another discount with them soon.

Randy Ellis

Tuesday 26th of March 2024

These are out of stock what's you best next brand our type?

Rob Benson

Thursday 28th of March 2024

I'm looking into other options now but haven't been able to test. Might want to wait until the stock is back in (doesn't look like it's too far out).