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Sea to Summit Thumb Hold Plate

Discover the convenience of the Nylon 66 Camping Utensil, designed for the great outdoors. This lightweight, BPA-free tool offers easy-to-read measurement increments and a heat-resistant base, making it a practical choice for campers and adventurers.

  1. Food-Grade Safety: Constructed with Nylon 66 and BPA-free materials, this utensil guarantees safe and non-toxic use for outdoor dining.
  2. Built-In Measurement Increments: Equipped with measurement markings, it simplifies food preparation, enhancing outdoor cooking convenience.
  3. Lightweight and Cool-to-Touch Base: The unique hex pattern base is designed to be cool to the touch and reduces the utensil’s weight, making it ideal for backpacking and camping.
  4. Durability and Cut Resistance: Robust and cut-resistant, this utensil stands up to the challenges of outdoor environments, perfect for rugged camping and survival scenarios.
  5. Ergonomic Design with Carabiner Loop: Features a thumb grip for comfortable use and includes a carabiner hang loop for easy attachment to gear, offering versatility and ease of transport.