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Single-Handed Spinning Tourniquet

Be prepared for any emergency with this adjustable tourniquet, featuring a reinforced windlass rod, nylon strap, and quick-locate red tip. Essential for medical and outdoor use.

  1. Adjustable Full Size: Unfolds to 37.4 inches, fitting most limbs, with easy adjustment using buckles and Velcro.
  2. Reinforced Windlass Rod: Thicker rod with a 12mm diameter ensures durability and resistance to deformation or fracture.
  3. Durable Nylon Strap: Exhibits excellent mechanical properties, toughness, and cold resistance, functioning effectively in extreme conditions.
  4. Red Non-curled Tip: Eye-catching for quick identification and stiffened for faster, easier threading through the buckle, saving crucial time.
  5. Essential Emergency Equipment: Effective for stopping massive bleeding, buying time for rescue in critical situations.
  6. Versatile Use: Suitable for military, medical rescue, adventure activities, and family emergencies.
  7. Reusable Ziplock Packaging: Individually packed in ziplock bags with instructions, ensuring easy storage and portability.
  8. Quality Assurance: Confidence in product quality with support for returns and exchanges if not satisfied.
  9. Compact & Portable: Easy to carry, making it a vital addition to any emergency kit or outdoor gear.
  10. Rapid Deployment Design: Designed for quick and efficient use in high-pressure situations.