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Splendor Board Game

Engage in the Splendor Board Game, perfect for family and friends. A strategy game where players compete as merchants, it promises hours of fun and countless replay opportunities.

  1. Engaging Strategy Game: Set in Renaissance Europe, players compete to build the most prestigious jewelry business. By acquiring mines, transportation, hiring artisans, and wooing nobility, players create exquisite jewelry to become renowned merchants.
  2. Fun and Competitive Play: Players vie for control of gem mines, trade routes, and storefronts to master the gem trade and attract nobles. This competitive yet fun environment encourages players to devise strategies to produce gems and accumulate victory points.
  3. Countless Replay Opportunities: Splendor offers fast-paced, intuitive gameplay that is perfect for game nights. Its variable setup ensures nearly limitless replayability, keeping the game fresh and exciting each time.
  4. Easy to Learn, Diverse Challenges: Quick to learn but offering a different challenge each time, Splendor is accessible to new players while still engaging for seasoned gamers. Players collect gems in the form of unique tokens to acquire various assets around the world.
  5. Suitable for Various Player Groups: Ideal for 2 to 4 players and suitable for ages 10 and up, this game caters to both families and adults. With an average playtime of 30 minutes, it fits perfectly into a casual game night setting.