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Stackable Water Storage Containers

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Stay prepared with these 5-gallon stackable water containers. Ideal for emergency water storage, travel, and outdoor events. Durable, BPA-free, and portable for reliable water supply.

  1. Portable and Stackable: Designed with flat bottoms and tops for efficient stacking and easy transportation.
  2. Extended Water Supply: Each kit includes 8 containers, providing approximately 80 days of water storage.
  3. BPA-Free HDPE Plastic: Made from 100% food-grade, high-density polyethylene for safe and durable use.
  4. Versatile Usage: Perfect for emergency storage, camping, boating, beach trips, and outdoor events.
  5. Convenient Design: Built-in twist breathing ports for easy pouring without air locking.
  6. Large Capacity: Each container holds 5 gallons, ideal for washing, cooking, or drinking.
  7. Travel-Friendly: Easy to transport and stack in vehicles for road trips and adventures.
  8. Preparedness Focused: Supports essential water storage needs for any emergency situation.
  9. Quality Assurance: High-quality American-made products from a family-founded company.

Susanne Donovan

Thursday 25th of January 2024

How long can water be stored in these. Are water purification tablets needed if filled w bottled spring water?

Rob Benson

Monday 29th of January 2024

No water purification tablets would be needed with bottled spring water. Just ensure your container is very clean (just did a video on all social networks on that recently). I'd check the water every 6 months (drink some) and under perfect conditions rotate every 2-3 years.