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Steel Plumb Bob

Enhance your tool kit with the General Tools 8oz Steel Plumb Bob. Perfect for accurate vertical alignment in various construction tasks.

  1. Professional Quality: Built for the demands of masonry, carpentry, and surveying, this plumb bob has been a reliable choice for professionals for over half a century.
  2. Durable Construction: The hexagonal body is made of cold-drawn steel, providing robustness and longevity, and is finished with nickel plating for added durability.
  3. Easy Cord Replacement: Features a removable cap for convenient cord replacement, ensuring consistent performance and versatility for various project sizes.
  4. Optimal Weight and Size: With an 8 oz weight and compact dimensions, it offers the perfect balance for accurate alignment without being cumbersome.
  5. Complete Set: Comes with a 10-foot braided cord, providing ample length for various applications and a removable cap for easy adjustments.