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The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Master self-sufficiency with the ‘Encyclopedia of Country Living’. Over 50 years of wisdom on gardening, food preservation, beekeeping, and more for a healthy, independent lifestyle

  1. Self-Sustaining Expertise: Comprehensive guide covering all aspects of independent living.
  2. Diverse Topics: Includes gardening, food preservation, beekeeping, and skincare product making.
  3. Practical Independence: Equips readers with essential skills for self-reliance, especially in uncertain times.
  4. Food Preservation Techniques: Detailed advice on canning, drying, and quick cheese-making.
  5. Gardening Guidance: Offers insights into planning and growing your own food.
  6. Natural Skincare Solutions: Learn to make your own skincare products.
  7. Traditional Cooking Methods: Instructions on wood stove cooking and bread baking.
  8. Beekeeping and Livestock Raising: Practical tips for beekeeping, and raising chickens, goats, and pigs.
  9. Homemade Remedies: Create natural remedies and organic bug sprays.
  10. Sustainable Crafts: Skills in spinning wool, milling flour, and tapping maple trees.