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The Survival Medicine Handbook

Be the medical resource in emergencies with the 4th Edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook. Comprehensive guide for trauma care, first aid, and survival scenarios when help isn’t available.

  1. Comprehensive Medical Guide: Over 700 pages covering trauma care, first aid, chronic care, and medical procedures.
  2. Award-Winning Content: Recognized for excellence in Medicine, providing reliable and authoritative information.
  3. Practical Approach: Assumes absence of professional medical help in disaster scenarios.
  4. Easy-to-Understand Language: Written in plain English for accessibility to all readers.
  5. Extensive Topics Covered: Over 300 topics and 300 illustrations, addressing a wide range of medical situations.
  6. Specialized Sections: Includes unique sections on natural disasters, radiation/biological/chemical events, and more.
  7. Injury and Illness Focus: Detailed advice on handling everything from minor wounds to major injuries.
  8. Preparedness and Survival: Equips readers for medical emergencies in various survival situations.
  9. Mental Health Consideration: Addresses the psychological aspects of dealing with medical emergencies.
  10. Medication and Treatment Advice: Guidance on using antibiotics, over-the-counter medications, and natural remedies.