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When All Hell Breaks Loose

Master survival skills with Cody Lundin’s ‘When All Hell Breaks Loose’ – your essential guide for staying safe and self-reliant during unexpected disasters. Learn practical tips for crisis management.

  1. Comprehensive Survival Guide: Offers practical advice for staying safe and self-reliant during unexpected disasters.
  2. Essential Skills: Covers water purification, shelter-building, survival kits, and sanitation.
  3. Psychological Preparedness: Emphasizes the importance of a positive mental attitude for survival.
  4. Engaging Style: Written humorously and engagingly, making complex topics accessible.
  5. Illustrative Clarity: Includes diagrams for enhanced understanding of survival techniques.
  6. Expert Authorship: Authored by survival expert Cody Lundin, known from “Dual Survival” on The Discovery Channel.
  7. Survival Psychology: Focuses on survival mind-set, crucial for self-reliance.
  8. Practical Tips: Features relevant quotes and tips throughout for easy recall under stress.
  9. First Aid & Hygiene: Addresses basic first aid and hygiene skills for emergencies.
  10. Customized Survival Kits: Recommendations for survival kit items tailored for home, office, and car.