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Wool Blanket

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Discover the ultimate 100% wool survival blanket, perfect for outdoor adventures and indoor comfort. Durable and temperature-regulating, it’s ideal for bushcraft, emergency preparedness, and cozy home use.

  1. Warmest Blanket: Traps body heat effectively, ensuring warmth in cold conditions, even when wet.
  2. Indoor & Outdoor Versatility: Ideal for wilderness survival, bushcraft, and home use, offering flexibility for any situation.
  3. King Size Comfort: Extra-large size perfect for family camping, sharing, or master bedroom use.
  4. Easy Care: Machine washable and pre-washed for immediate use, simplifying maintenance.
  5. Upgraded Quality: Improved softness, smell, and washability, with a handy reusable storage pouch.
  6. Comfort Tips: Enhances sleeping bag insulation and bed coziness, adaptable for various comfort needs.
  7. Low Maintenance: Requires infrequent washing, with easy airing and spot-cleaning options.
  8. Odor Management: Natural wool smell manageable with simple airing, maintaining freshness.
  9. Layering Flexibility: Suitable for various temperatures, enhancing your sleep system’s adaptability.