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Safeguarding Your Emergency Electronics: What to Pack in Your Faraday Bag

In an emergency, having your essential electronics protected and ready to use can make all the difference. Whether you’re facing a natural disaster, an extended power outage, or an unforeseen crisis, a well-prepared Faraday bag ensures your critical devices are safe from electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and other potential threats.

Emergency Electronics Faraday Bag

In this guide, we’ll cover the key items to include in your Faraday bag, offering you peace of mind and preparedness for any situation. From communication devices to navigation tools and power sources, discover what you need to safeguard your emergency electronics.

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Solar Power

Before we get into the list, here are two items that DO NOT need to be in a faraday bag. However, these items will provide solar power and adaptability “on the go”.

Breakdown of recommendations in this post (and why):

Include a Towel in Your Faraday Bag: Additional Precautions & Ideas

Why Include a Towel?
A towel serves as a versatile and practical addition to your Faraday bag. By placing a towel inside, you can separate and cushion your electronics, preventing them from getting scratched, damaged, or tangled during transport. This simple precaution helps maintain the integrity and longevity of your devices, ensuring they remain in optimal condition when you need them most.

Additional Precautions and Ideas:

Protective Cases:
Consider using protective cases or pouches for individual devices. This adds an extra layer of protection against physical damage and helps organize your electronics.

Labeling & Instructions:
Label each device and its corresponding cables and accessories. This makes it easier to find what you need quickly and ensures you have all the necessary components for each device. Also include the instructions or self-created instructions so there’s no confusion on why you have what you have and how to use it.

Moisture Absorbers:
Include silica gel packets or other moisture absorbers to protect your electronics from humidity and potential water damage. This is especially important if you live in a humid climate or are storing the bag in a damp environment.

Faraday Defense 10L Dry Sling Pack

Secure and Dry Storage:
Faraday Dry Bag Sling Pack – Provides watertight seal and signal blocking to protect sensitive electronics from water damage and wireless signals.

Triple-Layer Protection:
Features triple layers of CYBER NC fabric for >85 dB attenuation, offering EMP protection, RF/EMF shielding, and location blocking.

Convenient Design:
Includes an interior compartment for laptops, tablets, radios, etc., and a side zipper pocket for cards and small EDC items. Dual straps for easy carrying.

Multiple Sizes:
Available in 10L, 20L, and 30L sizes to fit various storage needs, with roomy interiors that accommodate multiple electronics.

Durable Construction:
Made with puncture-resistant, water-repelling tarpaulin exterior and reinforced seams. Features dual-clip closure, roll-top closure, and zip side pocket for enhanced functionality and security.

Anker 548 Power Bank

Sustainable Power Anywhere:
Compatible with solar panels to harness solar energy.

Useful Light:
Built-in retractable light and SOS button for emergency preparedness.

Power Duo for Your Devices:
60W and 27W USB-C ports for fast charging of laptops and phones.

Uninterrupted Connectivity:
60,000mAh battery to charge devices over 10 times or power a 3W LED lamp for 42.3 hours.

Comprehensive Package:
Includes essential accessories, a 3-year warranty, and friendly customer service for worry-free usage.

OLIGHT Marauder Mini 7,000 Lumens Flashlight

Small and High-Powered:
Compact yet powerful for search and rescue, hunting, and outdoor activities with flood and throw dual-beam capabilities.

Versatile White and RGB Light Combo:
9 LEDs for 200-7000 lumens across seven brightness levels, plus three RGB color LEDs for various lighting needs.

Intuitive Double Switch Operation:
Middle toggle switch for spotlight/floodlight selection and upper rotary knob for easy brightness adjustment (quick rotation over 90 degrees to unlock).

User-Friendly Interface:
Brightness level indicators on the left, battery level indicators on the right, and a color indicator at the bottom.

Durable and Ergonomic Design:
270-degree silicone-wrapped body for a comfortable grip and a hidden lanyard hole for easy storage and carrying.

Wouxun KG-935G Plus GMRS Two Way Radio

Enhanced Power and Channels:
Transmits on all GMRS channels up to 5.5 watts for broad communication.

Advanced NOAA Weather Mode:
Built-in mode with alerts in standby and scan modes.

Customizable Channels:
999 programmable channels with CTCSS/DCS tones for interference-free communication.

Dual Receive Capability:
Receives both UHF and VHF bands.

Comprehensive Features:
Includes Priority Channel Scan, VOX, Busy Channel Lockout, and more.

Exceptional Durability:
Rated IP66 for dust and water protection.

Brighter Flashlight and Speaker:
Enhanced visibility and clearer audio.

Channel Wizard:
Simplifies programming simplex or repeater channels from the keypad.

Rocky Talkie FRS Mountain Radio

Rugged Design:
Tested in the Colorado Rockies for durability in harsh outdoor environments.

Long Battery Life:
Lithium-ion battery provides over 4 days of battery life, even in extreme cold.

Secure Attachment:
Easily attaches to backpacks and harnesses with an ultra-light carabiner and backup leash.

Powerful Transmission:
Transmits at 2 watts with a max range of over 35 miles, no license required.

Simple Operation:
Ready to use out of the box with 5 easy-to-understand buttons for reliable operation.

Old Smart Phone / Tablet

Watch Downloaded Movies:
Enjoy entertainment during downtime without relying on an internet connection.

Camera to Take Pictures:
Capture important moments, document situations, or gather evidence.

Photos and Videos You Don’t Want to Lose:
Preserve precious memories and crucial video records.

Navigation Tools:
Use offline maps and GPS apps to find your way in unfamiliar areas.

Emergency Communication:
Access emergency contact information and communication apps when necessary.

Access to Stored Documents:
Keep copies of important documents like identification, insurance, and medical records.

Survival and First Aid Guides:
Store digital guides and manuals for quick reference in emergencies.

Access e-books, games, and music to help pass the time.

Language Translation:
Utilize translation apps for communication in different languages.

Portable Information Hub:
Store important information such as contacts, medical information, and plans.

Power Cables and Adapters

Having power cables and adapters on hand ensures you can quickly charge your devices when needed.

Ensures you have the right cables and adapters for all your devices, avoiding the need to search for them during an emergency.

Being prepared with all necessary accessories allows you to maintain your devices’ functionality without interruption.

Saves time by keeping all essential charging equipment organized in one place.

Reduced Stress:
Eliminates the worry of not having the correct cables or adapters when you need them most.

Supports multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to radios and power banks.

Emergency Readiness:
Ensures you can keep all your critical electronics charged and operational in emergencies.

Other Electronics (you might consider adding)

Here are more electronics you might want to consider having in your Emergency Electronics Faraday Bag.

Portable GPS Unit:
Helps with navigation if traditional methods fail.

Portable AM/FM Radio:
Receives emergency broadcasts and updates.

Digital Camera:
Documents situations or damage.

Preloaded with survival guides and important documents.

Satellite Phone:
For communication in areas without cellular coverage.

Portable Weather Radio:
Keeps you updated on weather conditions and alerts.

Rechargeable Lantern:
Provides extended lighting needs.

External Hard Drive:
Stores and backs up important digital files.

Bluetooth Speaker:
Amplifies audio from your devices.

Solar Charger Controller:
Regulates and protects batteries when using solar panels.

Handheld Game Console:
Provides entertainment during downtime.

Portable Air Compressor:
Inflates tires and other inflatable items.

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What to Pack in Your Faraday Bag